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Brand Mission

A little about Elias Gurrola

Mexican-American designer Elias Gurrola is originally from Miami, and first became interested in fashion during high school where he was deeply inspired by nature as the son of a farmer. Elias continued his studies in fashion first at Central St. Martin's in London, then at Parson's The New School for Design in New York. Having lived and worked in New York for 10 years at brands such as Ana Sui, Kirkland, Jones New York, and ultimately as the Mens Swim Designer at Calvin Klein, Elias decided to move to Philadelphia during COVID. In 2021, he started his men's underwear & swimwear line under his namesake, Elias Gurrola.

"I'm currently a one man show, creating every piece I sell, shooting and editing all content, running all social media, and branding. What I love about the business is connecting with the queer community. I find local Philadelphians to model, (usually folks who haven't modeled before) and it's been a great way of getting the word out and building new connections."



 Our philosophy has two parts.


The first part is who: I always want my designs to be accessible to everyone. Body & cultural inclusivity is incredibly important to me as a designer and I want my friends back in Philly to feel as powerful as the models on the runway do.


The second part to my philosophy is how: I love giving my customer the language through clothing to speak their truth. I hope when people wear my pieces, they understand they’re putting on my mental armor and are imbued with the strength I’ve put into these pieces.

Brand Philosophy 

Our Values

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